58 People Dead At A Catholic Church In Baghdad, Iraq


UK Today News: 58 People Dead at Catholic church in Baghdad, Iraq

Around 58 people were killed and at least 75 people injured at a Catholic Church in Baghdad. Security forces attacked the church to free the hostages and it resulted into a blood battle.

The armed gunmen had asked for the release of the jailed al-Qaeda militants and this was their only demand. Six gunmen were also killed in the attack.

“Absurd… ferocious violence”, these were the words of Pope Benedict XVI when he heard the news.

Iraqi Defense Minister Abdul Qader Obeidi said,

“All the marks point out that this incident carries the fingerprints of al Qaeda.”

Most of the victims dead were women and children, most of the hostages were killed when the armed men exploded bombs inside the church. This is a really sad day for all the families who lost their loved ones.

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  1. I am holding in my heart all the people in the
    Congregation of Our Lady of Salvation Catholic
    Church in Baghdad, Iraq.

    I hope this Quote of Pope John Paul II will bring
    you consolation “WHEN GOD GIVES LIFE IT IS

    Iraq is being blessed by GOD with magnificant
    Saints who will intercede for us on Earth.

    May JESUS console you and all your loved ones as
    only HE can and let you know that you too will
    someday will see HIM Face to Face and live with
    the multitude of those that no one can count
    throughout all eternity.


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