Socially Active People Face Sleeping Problems


UK Today News: Socially Active People Face Sleeping Problems

A recent study has found that extroverts struggle when it comes to sleeping as compared to introverts. Those who spend say 12 hours a day on regular basis suffer a lot while trying to rest, claims a new study.

This research was conducted by the US army, the Centre for Military Psychiatry and Neuroscience, who were trying to figure out connections between sleep, personality and social interaction. The research was carried on 48 people falling in the age group of 18 to 39.

These people were asked to stay awake for 36 hours with some of them allowed to mix. The outcome was – the introverts responded well to the reaction tests and they even found easy to stay awake. Even the extroverts who had lesser social contracts did well in the tests.

Research Psychologist, Dr Tracy Rupp said, “Extroverts exposed to socially enriched environments showed greater vulnerability to subsequent sleep deprivation than did extroverts exposed to an identical but socially impoverished environment. The ability of introverts to resist sleep loss was relatively unaffected by the social environment.”

The research was held at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.