Brandy’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2010 elimination shocker – Bristol Palin safe again


UK Today News: Brandy’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2010 elimination shocker – Bristol Palin safe again

Brandy exits DWTS: 2010’s Dancing with the star’s (DWTS) elimination round on Tuesday was a shocker, after Brandy and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were kicked off the show. On the other hand, Bristol Palin and partner Mark Ballas still remained in the show despite consistent poor performances.

Photo: AP

On Monday, singer Brandy and Chmerkovskiy were the high scorers and it looked that they were going to be safe on Tuesday. The results left not only Brandy surprised, but also Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol Palin. Brandy was in tears once the results were announced.

There have been rumors making the rounds that Palin might be getting votes from her mother’s political party, to keep her safe in the game. Her performance has been pretty bad throughout the season, but she has managed to get through each week, thereby leading critics to feel that she has a Tea Party back up.

Since Palin and Chmerkovskiy have reached the semi- finals, they would be competing with the best dancing pairs of the season, Jennifer Grey –  Derek Hough, and Kyle Massey – Lacey Schwimmer.


  1. I may never watch Dancing with the Stars again. This is a dance contest not a manipulation ploy. How can Bristol let her mother manipulate the results of a dance show. We all know Brandy is 50 times better than Bristol, this is a dance show not politics. If I had a mother like that who has to stick her nose in everything and control every piece of my life, I would move as far away from Alaska as I could get. Bristol, there is no way you can feel good about this!!!

  2. Dancing with the Stars has become a political farce; you should be ashamed of yourselves. You will no longer be the most popular show on TV. Your advertisers should drop their support, or at least demand a money reduction for their support. I thought Donny Osmond’s win was bad but it pales by comparison. Find a new way to determine the winners.

  3. Politic should remain politic and not a TV show.
    Please this show was one of the greatest to now the last show that we want to see beside the tea party players ….

    what a shame !!!!!


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