Wisconsin’s Marinette High School hostage situation ends – Gunman shoots self


A fifteen year-old student at Marinette High School in Wisconsin, shot himself before releasing 23 students and a teacher as hostages. Reports state that after five hours of negotiation, the hostages were released in a close encounter with a cop.


According to reports, the student entered a classroom with two guns in his hand, where he took the students and a teacher hostage. Some people were sent to negotiate for demands, but the boy apparently did not place any demands.

After five hours, the boy decided to release 5 people out of the 23, because they wanted to go to the toilet. And after about 20 minutes, when the officer was trying to approach the classroom, the boy fired 3 gun shots and this was when the officer entered the classroom and as the cop came near the student, he shot himself.

The remaining hostages were immediately rescued. Further investigations on the case are underway.