Students released after being taken hostage in school in France


UK Today News: A man who took 20 children hostage for around 4 hours in a school in Eastern France on Monday, has released all the hostages safely. The Mayor of Besancon said that after the release of the hostages, the man was taken into police custody.

Photo: AP

The Mayor said that the children, who were led by a teacher, came out peacefully. The father of one of the hostages said that he was very afraid, but still had confidence in the teachers of the school.

“The teacher was very, very calm and confident. She helped them,” the father said. The Besancon police told that, about 20 students were taken hostage which included a
teacher. The man had released the hostages in three groups before he was arrested.

Reports said that the man who held the hostages, was a 17 year-old teenager and had certain demands, which the authorities did not reveal. The Mayor said that the hostage taker was depressed and had not taken his medications for several days.