Hot air balloon crash kills 2 in Somerset


UK Today News: A hot air balloon crash in Somerset claimed the lives of a woman and a man on Saturday. Reports state that the balloon crashed at the Prattons Bowls club in Midsomer Norton in the UK.

According to eyewitnesses, the balloon burst in to flames after crashing to the ground and made an extremely loud sound. “A hot-air balloon crashed with two fatalities, a man and a woman. No other aircraft and no one on the ground was involved in the incident,” An Avon and Somerset police spokesman said.

Investigations by the Air Accident Investigation Branch were started along with a team of experts on the scene of accident. Some sources have also reported that there is also a possibility of a third person’s death in the incident.

The emergency services were alerted after the incident and have sealed the accident spot. Some eye witnesses had said that the basket was in flames and was not intact when it came down.