British women are more prone to breast cancer in Europe


UK Today News: Women in Britain are more likely to die of breast cancer than anywhere else in Europe, according to new research. An analysis done by the World Health Organization says that British women are more prone to breast cancer, while women in Spain score the lowest.

Apart from breast cancer, lung cancer poses a greater threat to women in the country. Reports say that around 156,000 of the population in Britain are likely to succumb to all kinds of diseases this year – out of 1.28 million Europeans.

“Lung, colorectal and breast cancers are the top causes of cancer deaths, and these are showing major changes,” Professor Carlo Vecchia who led the study said in an interview. Professor Carlo further said that the number of deaths due to cancer in the country remains stable due to the ageing population.

The study has predicted that this year lung cancer is likely to kill 15,632 women in Britain, while 11,949 will die of breast cancer.