Positive thinking helps painkillers to work better


UK Today News: Painkillers are given to patients to relieve them of pain, but not many people know that the painkiller work mostly when the patient’s brain also helps in the pain relief. No clue what that means? In layman’s terms, it’s called the ‘power of positive thinking’. Surprising but true, as a recent study reported it.

In a study conducted by the researchers in UK and Germany, 22 patients in pain were given pain killers and were told that it wasn’t a pain killer. It was found that in spite of taking the painkiller, the patient got no relief.

On the other hand, when the patient was given a painkiller and was told that he was given a powerful one, the patient was relieved of his pain. Dr. Ulrike Bingel, one of the study authors said that the treatment depended upon the expectation of the patient and also the previous experiences of the physicians and treatments.

Besides this, there are also cases where a patient in pain who was given an empty capsule, was told that he was given a painkiller. Surprisingly the patient felt better in spite of consuming an empty capsule. Hence the trick is all in the patient’s mind, and the way physicians convince their patients.

The next time you pop a painkiller, smile and think positive, because as the scriptures say – “faith can move mountains”.