Exercise prevents heart disease in women


UK Today News: As compared to men, the weaker sex are less likely to suffer from heart diseases. But not many are aware that women too are prone to get symptoms of a heart attack, if they do not pay enough attention to their health, and take their health for granted.

The American Heart Association has formed a group called ‘real world’, which provides new guidelines for prevention of heart diseases in women. It is essential that women must be physically active by having at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense exercise per week, so that they remain fit and active.

Women must be encouraged by the doctors to have regular checkups. Those who have a history of diabetics must regularly get blood pressure and cholesterol investigations, to ensure that they are aware of any impending diseases.

The aspirin therapy, which usually helps men in controlling heart disease, may not be safe for women as women are more prone to bleeding-induced or hemorrhagic stroke. However, the AHA guidelines have mentioned that women can be given the aspirin therapy, if the blood pressure is controlled and the doctor tells that there isn’t any risk of gastrointestinal bleeding or hemorrhagic stroke.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes boiled vegetables, reducing the intake of sugar and salt, and moderate exercise coupled with mediation and prayer will help women to keep heart disorders at bay.