Laughter a day keeps the leg ulcers away!


UK Today News: A study by the scientists from the Leeds University claim that laughter is the best medicine to cure leg ulcers. Prof Andrea Nelson says that laughter stimulates blood flow, which helps in curing the painful wounds.

According to the researchers, who were treating leg ulcers, traditional nursing gave better results than the modern treatments like ultrasound. The researchers had conducted a five year long study on a group of patients suffering from severe ulcers, which had not cleared after six months of treatment.

It was found that the key treatment was to stimulate the blood flow from the leg towards the heart. Surprisingly having a good laugh, helps the diaphragm to move and helps the blood to circulate in the body.

Some mild ulcers can even take a year to heal. If the ulcer gets older and harder its get difficult and takes longer time to heal. Currently the research team is trying to find new ways to heal the ulcers.