Milton Keynes names the slowest 3G mobile broadband in the UK


UK Today News: In the world of tough competition between brands to give the best for the consumers, the brand which has the slowest 3G mobile broadband speed is Milton Keynes in the UK. A research study conducted by had revealed that the brand gives an average speed of 1.73 megabits per second, which is 45 % slower than the other 3G brands.

This means that it would take some ten seconds to open a web page and would take more than two minutes to download an application. Currently, Peterborough offers the fastest 3G mobile broadband speed in the UK, with an average speed of 3.86 Mbps.

However, after Milton Keynes, the next brands which are the slowest in the UK are the Leicester and Huddersfield. Huddersfield offers an average speed of 2.17 Mbps, while Leicester gives an average speed of 2.01 Mbps.

The director of Alex Buttle said that when it came to 3G connectivity in the UK, quite a disparity was seen in terms of speed. The government and mobile operators do work hard towards increasing the coverage and speed of the 3G service, but still a lot has to be achieved. The research results were conducted in the period between January and March 2011.