Visited a farm? Wash hands with water and not a hand sanitizer, says study


UK Today News: The usage of hand sanitizers have increased in recent days by families, especially those who have small children. But a recent study has stated that hand sanitizers are not a substitute for water and soap. According to the Health Protection Agency, hand sanitizing gels cannot provide protection from certain germs, which are found in farms.

The warning was issued by the HPA, during the Easter holiday, when most of the families would be visiting farms. Farms are a place where germs reside in animals in the form of animal droppings. Such germs can be harmful if they are ingested, through the mouth. These chances tend to be higher in the case of children, who are more vulnerable to inflectional diseases like diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems. In order to reduce the chances of infection, adults and children must thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water, and not only use hand sanitizers.

Hand gels can be used only in limited cleaner areas like the offices, lifts and trains. But they cannot kill germs like E. coli or cryptosporidium, which are mostly found in animal droppings and farms. Doctors advise that the children who are more vulnerable to infection, must take care about the hygiene and must be under parental observation.