4G network likely to cost a fortune to UK subscribers


UK Today News: With 3G already becoming popular in the UK, preparations are on to launch 4G by 2013. However, there are concerns regarding the rising costs of the usage of the facility. The network operators have warned that the upcoming 4G service will have to be treated in a different way.

4G will be far more different from 3G. A regulatory body in a survey had found that there are many Britons who do not mind spending exorbitantly on their mobile bills. It has also been noticed that it is now common to offer unlimited usage service, but with 4G it won’t be sufficient. According to the new 4G network, it will offer 230% faster speed than the current 3G.

This means that the downloading time of a video will reduce to three times compared to the current time taken to download. It is now obvious that when such speeds are offered, then the usage will increase among the users and so will the data plans with no proper regulations. Will a consumer be happy to pay the huge data bills given by the 4G network? This is indeed a huge question mark. The companies might be happy to offer 4G plans, but it may get a bit heavy on the pockets of the subscribers.