T-Mobile UK employees fined for selling confidential customer details


UK Today News: Ex-employees of T-Mobile company have been fined, after they had reportedly stolen and sold some of the protected customer information to an outsider. The former employees had apparently earned £85,000, after they sold the protected information of the customers.

The offenders – Darren Hames from Staffordshire and David Turley from Birmingham -admitted to their offense under the data protection Act. The company had asked the employees to pay back £ 73,000.

The company came to know about the offense after they had suspected that some one was passing on the information. This was when T-Mobile had contacted the Information Commissioner’s Office, where they came to know that the information was leaked in 2008 December.

Turley and Hames were later given conditional discharge by the Chester Crown Court. Sophie Cartwright, the prosecutor had said that 39 year-old-Hames, who is a former sales manager for T-Mobile was obtaining customer contract renewal dates illegally, which had also included phone numbers, addresses and emails and had sold them to Turley. Turley then sold the information to a third party for direct marketing purposes. It was found that Turley was found guilty in 18 offenses under the data protection act.