Sony S1 and S2 tablets to launch this September in Britain


UK Today News: After the announcement of Sony’s two tablets S1 and S2 earlier this year, reports have claimed that they would be launched in the month of September. Unofficial information has claimed that the tablets will be releasing in Britain in September 2011.

The information on the release date had leaked after referring a private note, which was sent from the marketing group of Sony. According to the private note, it had mentioned a release date towards the end of September, at least for one of the tablets.

The note had even added that John Lewis, Sony and a third retailer would stock the tablets when the device will be launched. Later more retailers would follow.

The S1 of Sony has a 9.4 inch screen with a curved back. The company has said that the curved back would make it easier for the user to hold it. On the other hand the S2 has a unique clamshell design. After opening the device, it will have two 5.5 inch screens. The S1 and the S2 will be powered with Google’s Android Operating System, which will also be compatible with PlayStation Games. The company had taken its own time to enter the tablet market, while the rivals like Samsung and Asus had already released its tablets after Apple’s iPad.


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