Pippa Middleton appears in public first time after gun point controversy


After the gun pointing scandal in Paris, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton stepped out again and was spotted in Central London on April 20, 2012. The petite beauty was almost in trouble when she was spotted with a group, when one of the group members pointed out a gun at the paparazzi shooting them.

The gun turned out to be fake but Middleton damsel has now become the favourite of the media. Pippa on Friday was spotted on the way to the Rosano Ferreti Hair Spa.

However, the recent pictures of Pippa suggest that she did not appear in her usual self, may be due to the fact that she the recent incident in Paris was still in her mind. Reports say that Pipp was in Paris to attend the 30th birthday of her friend and fashion designer Viscount Arthur De Soultrait.

After the gun pointing incident Kate’s sister, Arthur and a lawyer friend, who were responsible for whole incident have apologized. Everyone involved in the incident said that it was just an attempt at some harmless fun and that they did not have any intensions to stir up a media frenzy.