Robin Gibb requested ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ to be played at his funeral


British singer and song writer Robin Gibb, who dies after a long battle of cancer on May 20, 2012 spoke of his late twin brother in his final moments. Gibb requested that that his song ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ be played at his funeral.

The song writer reportedly told his son Spencer he wanted that song as he lay on the death bed. The song in the year 1977 reached to the number one spot in America and was written by Robin and his brothers Maurice and Barry.

One of the close friends of the singer said, “It’s a beautiful song, penned by a beautiful person. It couldn’t be more appropriate when we all say goodbye.” During his remarkable career, the 62 year old singer sold more than 200 million records and told his family members during his last moments that he wished his brother Mo was there and that he cannot believe he is gone.

Another friend revealed that Gibb was incredible at the end and that he constantly talked about touring again, working with his brother Barry and about how much he missed Maurice or Mo as he always called him. Maurice dies in the year 2003 after suffering complications during an operation on a twisted intestine.