Cheryl Cole to remain in UK, cancels US trip for now


British pop star Cheryl Cole does not have any plans to go to the US for more limelight and has will opt to remain in UK. It seems like the singer has realised that there cannot be a better place than home and has called of her plans to crack the US for now.

Cole has tipped to the number one with her single ‘Call My Name’ this weekend after going on at number one on iTunes and her third album, a Million Lights which is due for release on June 18. So Cheryl is full for now and has no plans to ditch her homeland.

Cole said, “I haven’t any plans to try and break America this time. I’m more than happy to be releasing it here.” The singer also said, “It’s not in my plans to tour or release there. But I do want to tour in the UK – the buzz around this album has made me want to get out there.”

And then came the huge announcement that Girls Aloud will be back for a little while. Now it looks like all the four members of Girl Aloud will be joining for the reunion this year as Cheryl was pictured partying with frenemy Nadine Coyle in West London.