Daniel Radcliffe’s first movie post Harry Potter ‘too scary’


British actor Daniel Radcliffe appeared in his first film after the Harry Potter series. But has since then received more complaints than appreciation from the parents saying that Radcliffe’s movie is too scary for their children.

Children are more used to watch Radcliff at Hogwarts. But to the contrary the actor was seen in The Woman in Black, which is a 12A rates horror flick in which a ghost manipulates children in to killing themselves.

The movie has already been reported to the British Board of Film Classification about 120 times. It has also become the last year’s most complained about film. A spokeswoman for the BBFC said the viewers had certain expectation from the film which had Daniel, who was till now seen as Harry Potter, and found it too scary.

The film has been rates as 12A which is the same classification as the final instalment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The major complaints were received from the worries parents or adults without children concerned that the film wasn’t suitable for children. Daniel in the mov9e p-lays the role of a young lawyer visiting a remote village which is terrorised by a vengeful ghost and is also described as an intense super natural threat and horror.