5 ways to avoid motion sickness


UKTodayNews.com: Motion sickness is a problem that is usually experienced by children when they are travelling in cars, boats, flights or even trains. Many people also suffer from motion sickness after taking a ride in the amusement parks or sitting in a vehicle that jerks too much. The problem is caused due to the confusion of the brain which results in nausea, cold sweats, dizziness and headache. Here are the ways, one can escape from motion sickness.

1. Do not smoke – Make sure that one does not smoke or drink alcohol. Smoking and drinking alcohol can increase the feeling of nausea not only to you, but also to others around you.

2. Selection of area – Always choose a seat where the motion is less or smoother. For instance, passengers at the upper most deck of the ship do not feel much of the motion than the people below.

3. Avoid heavy meals – Before travelling, make sure you do not eat a heavy meal and avoid spicy food. One can also avoid greasy or fatty food which tends to aggravate the nauseating feeling and in some cases, it is best to avoid dairy products.

4. Avoid reading – While travelling, avoid reading books or working on your laptop as the eyes are fixed at the stationary object while the body senses the motion. This may increase the motion sickness.

5. Ginger or pepper mint – While traveling, make sure that you keep some pepper mint or ginger handy which helps in keeping away the feeling of motion sickness.