George Michael nervous about performing at London Olympics closing ceremony


English musician and singer George Michael, who is due to perform at the London Olympics 2012 closing ceremony, has confessed that he is nervous about his performance. George will be performing on August 12, 2012 which will also mark his return to the stage.

The British singer will be returning to the state after going through a series of health problems which also put a halt on his tour last year. The singer expressed his concerns on his Twitter page and wrote, “Hey everyone, how are you. Spending most of the next week rehearsing like crazy for the Olympic closing ceremony…. Obviously a bit nervous not having played for nearly a year, but rehearsals sounding great so far!”

George, in the month of July announced that he will be playing a couple of songs at the closing ceremony. The 49 year old singer had confirmed to a TV channel and was even amused when a fan asked if his return to the stage was a big secret.

George then answered, “Oh, and , secret? It’s been all over the press for weeks, and I think you alll needed to be put out of your misery! (sic)”. There are also reports that George will also be performing along with the Spice Girls.