Greg Oden Leaked Pictures a Publicity Stunt or Mistake?


The search for the reported nude pics of Greg Oden has created a lot of curiosity in the reason that the star has released such pics.

Some have passed this off as a publicity stunt but these”dirty pictures” of his upper body and lower parts are enough to make the net buzzing to get a first glimpse search for them.


Update: Rumour has it that Greg was sending the picture to some chick who he was flirting with and she went on to leak it online. Greg has apologized for it. There you have it!

The pics are allegedly posted on the World Star Hip Hop website, and Greg has issued an apology for his nude photos being leaked online.

Being an NBA player like Greg Oden and getting involved in such controversial things is some kind of risk , but no one seems to be complaining about the pics just yet.

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