Fazer to launch new talent show against X Factor


English rapper and DJ, Fazer is all set to launch his own talent show against the rival X Factor. The rapper will be providing a platform to the UK’s underprivileged youth who will be encouraged to audition for a place in a new urban orchestra.

Fazer while talking to the reporters said, ‘I’ll put together people that wouldn’t necessarily get the opportunity to perform in a prestigious place, or even with a full orchestra, and create an urban orchestra which will really set me up for my tour next year.’ The DJ also said that he will be looking out for people in the auditions who play everything from violas and violin strings, drums and even brass instruments.

The urban orchestra will be getting their first opportunity to perform with Fazer in the tour at the Royal Albert Hall. The show is known as the Fazer’s Urban Orchestra which is at present being filmed.

The talent show is expected to begin by 2013. The rapper added, ‘It’s gonna be something to watch. At the end of the show, I want to be able to say, like in Gladiator: ‘Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained?’’ Fazer also recorded his first solo known as ‘Killer’ which was released on August 26, 2012.