Brittany Murphy’s Death Investigation Reveals More of Her Unknown Medical History


Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy’s death investigation has dug up some new never-before-known information about the star’s medical history.

According to TMZ, Britanny Murphy was reportedly suffering from a bad case of anemia in addition to some other conditions while she was still under doctor’s treatments. It was also reported that she last visited her doc months before her death!

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In addition to this, a pathologist assigned to the investigation case has been told by the late actresses’ friends and family that there were some other doctors who treated her during the final months.

The pathologist is also investigating what medications were prescribed to her by the other doctors and if it is in any way linked to her untimely death.

Even though the toxicology report is not completed yet, it is expected to show the drugs in Brittany Murphy’s body at the time of her death – and if in any way it is linked to the doctor’s prescriptions.

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