Sahara Davenport dies at 27


American reality TV personality Antoine Ashley, popularly known as Sahara Davenport has passed away, but no cause of death has been revealed yet. Davenport had appeared on RuPaul’s reality TV show Drag Race on season two of the American show.

A statement was released by Logo that it was saddened by the passing of Davenport, who was an amazing artist as well as an entertainer and will be deeply missed by the Logo family.

The Logo statement also stated, “Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, especially his boyfriend Karl, in their time of need.” When the artist passed away there was also some confusion about his age. Some  reports claimed that he was aged somewhere between 27 and 32.

The cause of death of the reality TV star has not been made public. Davenport was a trained classical dancer and a native of Dallas. He moved to New York after college to become a choreographer. Davenport also appeared in New York bars and clubs as Barracuda, Vlada, Escuelita, XL, The Monster and Splash. Apart from these, Ashley also appeared in ‘Melody set me free’, which was a video performance for artist Kalup Linzy, which was shown a the Whitney Museum of American Art.