Imran Khan to march in protest of US drone strikes


United States drone strikes, which have been a controversial addition to the war against terror in Pakistan, is being protested against by Pakistani politician Imran Khan. The former cricketer started his two day march in Islamabad and is scheduled to complete it in South Waziristan according to our sources.

Although it is speculated that authorities might make their presence felt and not let the march continue to its finale, Khan feels the march will gather support as it progresses.

Both US and Pakistan and differing views of the impact the drone strikes have on the people of Pakistan, especially those in remote villages. Khan is just one of many Pakistanis who claim that the drone strikes are responsible for a large number of civilian deaths in addition to creating a climate where militants gather support from the people. US officials on the other hand say that the drones are an effective weapon against terror and rarely claim civilian lives.

The campaign could run into roadblocks as Pakistani authorities mull over security concerns, even as his critics make use of the opportunity to accuse Khan of trying to boost his party’s popularity. The Pakistani people are waking up to the march with some expressing support for Khan and his march, hoping that it will bring peace to the region.

According to some sources, US President Barrack Obama supports the drone strategy by talking about how the US would have had to resort to stronger measures if the drones could not be used, and that they are ‘kept on a very tight leash’.