Justin Lee Collins found guilty of harassing partner


British comedian and TV presenter Justin Lee Collins has been found guilty of harassing his ex girlfriend Anna Larke. Lee was in a seven month relationship with Larke and the jury found that the TV presenter was subjected to sustained emotional and domestic abuse.

Reports mentioned that Collins had coerced Anna into recounting her sexual history to him, and even forced her to sleep facing him. The comedian has also been accused of pushing his girlfriend in front of a moving car when he was drunk on a night out.

The TV presenter had appeared in court for the hearing and was spotted in a black blazer, shirt and jeans. After the verdict was given the actor showed no apparent signs of guilt on his face. Collins had denied most of the claims which were made against him, but he could not deny the content which involved a recording in which he was heard abusing Larke.

In the recording the TV presenter could be heard shouting out abusive words against his girlfriend. In his defense, the actor said that the recording had shown the worst of him but he insisted that he never attacked Anna in any way and had never hit anyone in his life.