Kickstarter to be launched in UK


Crowd source funding website ‘Kickstarter’ will soon be launched in the UK. For those, who do not know much about the website, it has helped raise millions of dollars for new projects.

The service was earlier only available for projects in North America, which helped a few companies to gather a huge sum of money. This includes a record of $10 million for the Pebble smart-watch. In the month of July, Kickstarter announced that it will be spreading its arms in Great Britain, and has now confirmed that it will go live in the UK on October 31, 2012.

British entrepreneurs and developers can now begin building their new projects on the website by just clicking on the ‘Start a new project’ button. The users have to then select UK as their country before proceeding.

When it is ready for projects, the company will send out emails to intimate people that the project can be launched, and that the users can hit the launch button and ask for pledges. The platform allows entrepreneurs to post their ideas and then make a plea for donations from the particular community. People can pledge as much as they want and it does not matter whether entrepreneurs are established or not.