Topless Kate Middleton pictures help boost French tourism


The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has been in news for quite a while now, for a topless photo scandal. The Royals would not have benefited much from the issue, but it has definitely boosted interest in the French estate where Middleton and Prince William were pictured.

Wealthy tourists are longing to stay at the French estate as a result of the hype the questionable pictures have created. Kate and William were staying at the Chateau d’ Autet retreat located in Southern France. The retreat is owned by Princess Margaret’s son David Linley.

During Royals’ stay at the hotel last month, the couple were pictured with Middleton being in a compromising position. A close friend of Linley said that he is receiving calls from wealthy tourists who wish to stay at the 19th century lodge, after the pictures were published in the month of September.

Linley is a cousin to the royals, but has refused to cash in on the scandal. The friend revealed that Kate and William value Linley as a cousin and a friend, and hence the refusals for hefty money for publicity. After the topless pictures were published, Kate and William have been disturbed as it was an invasion of their privacy; however the duchess has not reduced her string of public appearances.