BBC set to air special broadcast to mark 90-year celebration


The BBC will be marking 90 years of existence on November 14, 2012. To mark the event, a special musical composition by David Albarn will be played to radio listeners all around the globe. David Albarn is the front-man of the band Blur.

The piece of music is called 2LO calling and is made up of some of the most iconic sounds such as Bertrand Russell in Morse code. The BBC was established in 1922 and this will be the first simultaneous broadcast since its inauguration.

Simon Mayo will be hosting the unique broadcast from Science Museum in London. In the year 1922, the 2LO transmitter was first used to make the first broadcast on November 14.The new musical piece is set to begin with the chimes of Big Ben and the first ever transmitted message from the 2LO transmitter – Three O’Clock in the morning.

Albarn said that he tried to preserve the special musicality that he found in the vocal messages, which include snippets of messages from around the world, sounds of the skylark and blackbird. The three minute piece includes sounds from the BBC pips and the Cameron election as well.

The BBC is set to put out special programming to mark its 90-year celebration, with Radio Reunited being just one part of the series.

2LO calling is set to air on 55 BBC stations at 17:33 GMT on November 14, 2012.