Steve Ballmer criticizes Android and Apple


Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft chief executive officer (CEO) has launched a broadside attack against Windows Phone competitors Google, Android and Apple. Ballmer raised questions about both competing platforms, saying that Android was uncontrolled and Apple’s platform did not allow for much freedom and was over priced.

Ballmer said, “The ecosystem of the Android is a little bit wild, that is from an app compatibility perspective and our world perspective maybe in a way that’s not always in the consumer’s best interests”.

Reid Hoffman, who is the founder of LinkedIn, interviewed Ballmer at an event at the Churchill Club in Santa Clara, California. The event was attended by various innovators and technical people from the industry and this was where the CEO of Microsoft launched his verbal volley against their competitors. Ballmer went on to say that Microsoft believes it can carve a niche for itself in between the Android and Apple markets.

The chief went on to say that phone users prefer to have at least three choices and they see Apple and Samsung at the high end, with a sea of other companies at the low end. He also hopes that Windows Phone will slowly claim a significant proportion in the phone market, with 10 percent being his initial goal.