NASA Space Shuttle Endeavor’s Launch Time Re-scheduled for 8th Feb


The space shuttle launch of “Endeavour” today — the 7th of Feb — is canceled by launch director Mike Leinbach due inappropriate weather conditions.

STS 130 Endeavor Rollout to Pad:

The NASA Endeavor launch was scheduled for sharp 4:30 AM EST at Cape Canaveral. Now the STS 130 NASA shuttle live launch is mostly rescheduled for the 8th Feb at 4:14 AM.

The weather condition will play an important role at the launch tomorrow. The NASA Space shuttle Endeavour’s launch can be further delayed if the weather conditions are bad with no signs of improvement.

Mike Leinbach stated, “We tried really, really hard to work the weather. It was just too dynamic. We were just not comfortable with launching a space shuttle tonight.”