Free Nook app launches for UK users


In some good news for the UK readers, the free Nook app is finally available in the country. The app is available for those who want to access their existing Nook e-Book purchases on an iPhone, iPad or an Android device. They can use the app to search for or buy new titles as well.

At present the Nook store offers more than 2.5 million books, magazines, newspapers and comics and until now their customers who were in countries other than the US needed one of the company’s Nook e-readers or tablets to buy and read its content. The Nook store is a part of the US bookseller and digital content company Barnes and Noble.

After the success of the Nook app in the US, Barnes & Noble has chosen the UK as the next territory for the apps’ launch. The app became available after the launch of Barnes & Noble’s range of Nook e-readers and tablets, which hit the UK market earlier this month.

After the Nook e-readers were launched, they won praise from the tech community for the quality of their screens, light weight and their competitive prices. The app will also give the users the freedom to try Nook Store content without having to buy a Nook device. The launch of the app is the latest in a number of steps taken by Barnes & Noble to extend its reach beyond US.