Duchess of Cambridge unveils new trendy hairdo


The Duchess of Cambridge was recently spotted with a new and trendy hairdo which she was sporting at the Natural History Museum on November 27, 2012. The new hairdo has a centre parting with locks that flick out at the sides like swooping curtains that frame her face.

The hair bounced perfectly on her shoulders and some termed it as a tamed version of Farrah Fawcett’s 1970’s hairdo when she played Jill Munroe in Charlie’s Angels. The Farrah flick has inspired many celebrities in the past to go for a similar look. In the year 2005, singer Madonna was seen paying homage to the style as well.

No one knows what were the intentions of the Duchess were and there was some speculation that it was to distract people from her dress. Farrah’s influence was also seen on Donatella Versace, who in the month of September, 2012, was seen in a black trouser suit and blonde centre parting with Farrah style wings. The effect was also enhanced when Carine Roitfeld the former French Vogue editor was heard saying, “I love your bangs.”

With the new hairdo, the Duchess has just maintained her motive to keep her fashion statement simple and elegant.