HIV cases in UK on all time high


The number of people infected with HIV in the UK are increasing on a daily basis. Out of these cases, almost a quarter of the people do not know if they are infected by the virus or not. According to the Health Protection Agency about 96,000 people have HIV, which is an all-time high record.

The records mention that nearly half of the infections in the year 2011 were through heterosexual sex. Out of these, more than half were probably acquired in the UK, compared to just 27 percent in the year 2002.

HIV and AIDS arrived in UK in the early 1980’s and led to predictions that it would result in death on a massive scale . However, thanks to the advancement in technology, treatments, medicins and awareness campaigns, such a fate can be avoided. Now, 30 years later, experts say that campaigners fear public understanding of HIV has gone down to a worrying level.

Gary Brough was diagnosed with HIV in the year 1991 and despite witnessing many advances in the treatment, he says that he is worried that the public does not know much about the condition. Meanwhile, new cases among gay men reached an all time high in 2011, with 3,010 men discovering that they were infected.