Queen to attend cabinet meeting


On December 18, 2012, the Queen will become the first monarch after more than a century to attend a cabinet meeting in Downing Street. The Queen will be observing the minister’s meeting later in the morning which is apparently the first royal cabinet visit since Queen Victoria’s reign.

The Queen is expected to sit next to the prime minister David Cameron for the summit, which will be the last one before the Christmas break. However, her highness is not expected to be there for the whole session, which is likely to last for 90 minutes and will instead watch for around half an hour.

According to reports, Prince Phillip will not accompanying her. During her visit, the Royal will be handed a gift which will mark her Diamond Jubilee. However, Downing Street did not reveal too many details about the gift and said that the visit had been planned for a while now.

spokesperson said, “I think she will sit round the table and I think she will sit alongside the Prime Minister.” Ed Davey, Energy Secretary said that it is a great honor to attend a Cabinet in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year. Davey added that it has been a very good year for the country and that ministers will be excited, but minding their P’s and Q’s a little more carefully.