Cameron confident of Britain standing strong outside EU


British Prime Minister David Cameron has been wanting to renegotiate the relationship between his country and the European Union (EU). Cameron is of the opinion that Britain would not suffer if it was forced to leave the union. He did not want to go for an immediate referendum and wanted to put renegotiated terms in front of the British people before a referendum is produced.

David Cameron

Cameron is scheduled to give a speech to the EU next week and many have been saying that this would antagonize the union. However the Prime Minister has been confident and optimistic about his chances in mapping out renegotiated terms that would benefit his people.

The premier point about that the impending debate would take place with or without his views being put forward and went on to say that the British people were beginning to feel frustrated at being left out of the debate. Cameron was of the opinion that if changes were made to the the common currency of the EU, Germany would need to demand a treaty change, which would open doors for Britain to negotiate terms.

Cameron also put forward that even though other countries like the US would want it to continue to be part of the EU, things depend on what is best for Britain and its people. He also said that the benefit of the country would take precedence in the renegotiation debate.