Earthquake Hits Illinois In Chicago – Breaking News


There have been reports that a medium-sized earthquake of 4.3 hit Illinois in Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the earthquake hit 48 miles north of Chicago near DeKalb, on early Wednesday.

The occurrence of earthquakes are quite rare in Chicago – which falls in the Midwest region.
The main location of this 4.3 Chicago earthquake is reportedly just under the town of Virgil, Illinois. Sources say that the earthquake tremors were felt by people living in Villa Park, Batavia, Naperville, Western Springs and Des Plaines.

According to new USGS reports: “a magnitude 4.0 eastern U.S. earthquake typically can be felt at many places as far as 60 miles from where it occurred, and it infrequently causes damage near its source. A magnitude 5.5 eastern U.S. earthquake usually can be felt as far as 300 miles from where it occurred, and sometimes causes damage as far away as 25 miles.”


The world is on hight alert ever since the devastating earthquake took place in Haiti last month. The earthquake that destroyed Haiti on Jan. 12 was 7.0 on the Richter Scale, in contrast to the 4.3 one that hit Chicago today.

There have been no reports of casualties yet but stay tuned for more updates.