Google to modify AdWords to suit mobile devices


Google is a company that has always remained one step ahead of the competition. The reputation the search engine giant has earned is no secret in the tech world. As more people turn to hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets for official work, Google has decided to modify its keyword advertising service.  This will enable advertisers to reach a wider cross-section of their audience on a variety of devices.

Google adwords tablet

The announcement regarding the change in the Adwords Enhanced Campaign came in the form of a blog post from the internet company on February 6, 2013. With the new service, advertisers will be able to manage bids for ads and win premium placements on various devices, locations, platforms and time zones.

Users are not clicking on ads from handheld devices as frequently as they do on desktops. This has resulted in the company witnessing a drop in cost per click (CPC) results for five consecutive quarters. The social networking site Facebook is also facing a similar issue and both companies are trying to make an impact on mobile devices with their advertising campaigns.

The upcoming weeks will see the new system being rolled out. According to industry sources, the enhanced campaigns will feature optimized ads containing links, app extensions and ad copies as well.