Singer Kevin Ayers found dead at home


British singer and song writer Kevin Ayers, the founder of sixties band Soft Machine, passed away at the age of 68. Ayers was known as an influential musician and was found dead at his home where he was living alone.


Reports said that the singer died on February 18, 2013 and was found by his neighbor on Tuesday, Friday 19, 2013. Bernard MacMahon, from the record label Lo-Max Records revealed that the singer was not ill, but lived a rock and roll life. Bernard also revealed that a note was found by the side of his bad which said, “You can’t shine if you don’t burn.”

MacMahon added that Ayers was the ultimate product of the sixties generation and that he was a good artist who wasn’t motivated by the prospect of fame. During the sixties, Ayers founded the band Soft Machine and played early concerts along with Syd Barrett’s band Pink Floyd.

The self titled album by Soft Machine is considered to be a psychedelic classic. Nick Kent, a music critic said that Ayers and Barrett were considered as the two most important people in British Pop music. Ayers was encouraged by Jimi Hendrix to write music and the star even gave him a Gibson guitar to do so.