Faulty glucose meters cause safety alert for 20,000 patients


More than 20,000 patients suffering from diabetes have been issued an alert about the fact that hospitals might be using faulty medical devices, which have been provided to them. A warning has been issued to NHS patients by the health watchdogs about the faulty blood glucose meters which have been provided, as they do not portray accurate measurements due to software problems. These particular devices have been manufactured by Lifescan and have been recalled.

Blood Glucose faulty meters

The major fault lies in the fact that these meters provide false low readings and automatically get switched off. Instead, they should have been providing an alarmingly high diabetic alert, which could have led to a diabetic patient going to a coma.

The problem was mainly detected in the one touch Verio meters, which are mainly given to type 1 and type 2 patients, to measure their blood sugar levels at home. The fault has also affected models manufactured by GQ and NHS hospitals.

According to MHRA officials, although high blood glucose levels are rare in human beings, they still would need to take necessary measures in order to ensure the safety and well being of every patient suffering from it.