Treaty between Jordan and the UK could allow for Abu Qatada to be deported


Abu Qatada is currently under life imprisonment in the UK in relation to terror charges that were levied against him. Successive UK governments have been trying to deport him to Jordan and now the two countries have signed a mutual assistance treaty so that Qatada can be sent to Jordan for trial.

Theresa May

Home secretary Theresa May said that the treaty came with the guarantee that a fair trial will be conducted on Qatada, even as the government tries to do all it can to ensure that he is deported.

May failed to get reversal on a case that was referred to the Supreme Court regarding the decision that stated that the cleric could face an unfair trial if deported to Jordan. If the Supreme Court were to reject the challenge on this ruling, the treaty could come into play, but would need to be ratified by Jordan and the UK.

Currently the prime minister is also exploring the option of the UK withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights and May said that it was favourable to have all available options laid out in front of her. On the other hand, Ken Clarke, who is currently the cabinet minister said that the current government did not have any such policies.