Lack of awareness is making multiple sclerosis patients suffer


Around 40% of the people in the UK eligible to take drugs to treat Multiple Sclerosis are making use of the opportunity. A survey conducted over 10,000 adults with MS showed that many were missing out on seven important licensed medicines.

MS patients UKA lack of vital information and access to specialist care are the primary cause behind the issue. A charity is urging the government to provide personalized care plans for such patients. According to the survey conducted across four nations of the UK, it was clear that there were glaring differences in the access to disease-modifying treatments (DMTs).

The intake of appropriate medicines can reduce the frequency and consequences of MS attacks. Those people who have the access to a specialist MS nurse or neurologist are likely to be taking the right medicines.

The people of Northern Ireland are better off because of their awareness. Stats also show that 40% of the patients who confirmed that they possess enough information about drug treatments, still did not take disease-modifying treatment.

UK is ranked 25th out of 27 European countries, when it came down to prescription rates which shows that the state of medical affairs in the UK needs serious contemplation.