Government’s spending on infrastructure plans in UK questioned by MPs


MPs on the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have questioned the credibility behind the 310 billion pound spending of the Government on Infrastructure plans. In 2010, when the National Infrastructure plan was launched, the Treasury expected the 200 billion pounds to come from private sector. The PAC questioned Government’s move of raising such a huge amount of money from the private and public sector under the current economic circumstances. The Treasury made it clear that they did not agree with the committee’s depiction of the particular plan.

UK Infrastructure spending

A spokesperson of the Government said that they have launched the first ever National Infrastructure Plan, which sets out a strategic approach that helps in monitoring the performance of key infrastructure sectors and in the process identifies the projects which would help in building an economy fit for the future. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg defended the government’s move.

The PAC urged the government to be more realistic about how much money can be raised. According to them, in order to raise the money for this particular plan, it is the consumers who ultimately have to suffer and shoulder the burden of increased infrastructure spending through higher rail fares and utility bills.