David Cameron praises Conservative activists for their duty and decency


According to reports published on May 21, 2013, British Prime Minister David Cameron did say that he still shares a smooth relationship with grassroots Tories, after an unnamed ally of the Prime Minister reportedly abused them by saying that they were “mad, swivel-eyed loons”.


According to one of the Tory members, Brian Binley, there was a growing gap between the Prime Minister and the party to which he belongs. The co-chairman of the Tory party, Lord Feldman, really did put to rest all those allegations which said that he made the “loons” comment.

The PM needs the support of grassroots activists in order to help him out in his campaign, which would ensure that he acquires outright majority in the next election. There were talks going around that some of the party members were angered by the stance that David Cameron took regarding gay marriage and Europe, with reports of defections to the UK Independence Party.

David Cameron confirmed in an email that he shares a long and lasting friendship with the Conservative members and felt really proud of their work. He added that it was time and again that Conservative activists like them stand for duty, decency and civic pride. He concluded by saying that they should always remember what this party is all about and that is to serve the interests which suit the nation and its people.