Xbox One and PS4 launch date confirmed by Toys R Us


Toy and juvenile products retailer Toys R Us has revealed that the next-gen consoles, Xbox One and PS4 will be released in the UK market during Christmas. If reports by the retailer are to be believed, then it is an appropriate time to release these two highly-anticipated products, as the holiday season is always a safe bet for good sales.


The launch date of the Microsoft device has been listed as November 29, 2013, while the Sony device is very likely to be launched on December 13, 2013. While talking to the reporters, Toys R Us spokesperson said, “I can confirm this information has been given direct from our suppliers and is accurate.”

On the other hand, neither Microsoft nor Sony have confirmed these dates. Microsoft says that they are definitely launching their Xbox One in November 2013, while Sony has just confirmed that the PS4 will be launched during the holiday season. Meanwhile, in terms of pre-orders, the PS4 seems to be in the lead and Microsoft is reportedly selling out its Xbox One at retailers, including Amazon and Gamestop.

The toys-retailing giant has listed the Xbox One at £419.99 and the PS4 as £339.99. It was earlier reported that the devices will be launched worldwide by the end of 2013.

Photo Credits: Gadget Gestures