LG event injures 20 people due to promotional stunt accident


South Korean electronics giant LG had to cancel a series of events intended for promoting its new G2 smartphone. More than 20 people have been injured when a promotional stunt held in Seoul on August 9, 2013 went wrong.


For the promotion, the company planned a race to grab smartphone vouchers which were hanging from helium balloons. However, participants arrived at the event with BB guns and knives on sticks for a race to grab vouchers. Some injured people have been sent to the hospital.

LG has assured that it will cover all medical costs. The company released a statement which said that it cancelled all other events due to safety concerns. For promotion purposes, the company released 100 helium balloons and each balloon had a free smartphone voucher at the G in the Cloud event. The event took place in an outdoor park in Seoul.

The company announced that people who possessed the smartphone voucher would be handed over the new handset, which sells for KRW 950,000 in South Korea. During the event, customers arrived with BB guns to shoot down the balloons and moved forward to grab the vouchers. One of the customers was also seen carrying a pointed knife to the event.

Photo Credits: Talk Android