Vertu launches new phone Constellation for €4,900


UK-based smartphone manufacturer Vertu will soon be launching its latest smartphone, reportedly priced at €4,900. The latest smartphone by the British manufacturer has been categorized as ‘luxurious’ and runs on an Android operating system.


The company’s new smartphone – named Constellation – has been launched as a follow-up to the Vertu Ti, which had its debut earlier in 2013. The device has a dual-core 1.7GHz processor, a 4.3-inch 720p screen – which is virtually scratch-proof – and 32 GB of memory. When it comes to specifications, the new Vertu model has managed to impress, even though the company was not exactly known for the internal performance of their phones earlier.

Each device is individually made and the phones are featuring European calf leather and are available in five colors, including black, orange, cappuccino, mocha and raspberry. The case of the Constellation is made out of polished grade 5 titanium.

Titanium is known to be twice as strong as steel and only half the weight. Customers who purchase Constellation are allowed access to Vertu Life, which also includes invites to exclusive parties and events only for Vertu phone users. Vertu is a British manufacturer of luxury phones and the company is established by Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia as a wholly-owned subsidy.

Photo Credits: Vertu