PlayStation 4 launches in UK


Following the debut of the Xbox One by Microsoft, it was Sony’s turn to release the highly anticipated PlayStation 4, which went on sale in the UK at midnight on November 29, 2013. A huge number of gamers could not wait to get their hands on the new PS4, after months of anticipation.


Thousands of gaming enthusiasts have been waiting in line in London’s Covent Garden since November 26, 2013, while others had placed their orders online. Some fans even slept overnight in an attempt to be among the first in the UK to take Sony’s much-awaited console home. The latest next-console has been released in the UK just one week after the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One.

GAME stores opened at midnight in order to offer the devices to people who had pre-ordered the console first. A limited number of consoles were available at the ‘PS4 Lounge’ on a first-come, first-served basis. Meanwhile, Sony’s PlayStation 4 launch day pre-orders have been sold out since August 2013, so this is most likely the last opportunity to purchase the device.

There are chances that the console might be sold out before Christmas. Imran Choudhary from London  – who has been queuing since November 26, 2013 – was the first in line outside the PS4 Lounge.

Photo Credits: WP