Rapper Dappy hospitalized after being kicked by horse


Hip-hop singer Dappy from the British hip-hop group N-Dubz has been hospitalized recently. The latest reports state that the singer fell from his horse and was kicked in the face. The incident occurred when the rapper was riding a horse at his Hertfordshire home on November 27, 2013.


A representative for Dappy said, ‘I can confirm that my client was involved in a horse riding accident at home where he fell from his horse and was subsequently kicked in the face’. The representative went on to say that the singer was rushed to the hospital where he received medical treatment and is now recovering from the fall.

Overall, the hip-hop star did not have a very good year, as he was previously convicted in connection with a fight which occurred at the petrol station in Guildford back in January 2013. He was then given a six-month suspended sentence and ordered to perform 150 hours of community service. The court was told how the fight started, as the singer approached two girls and attempted to persuade them to get in his car.

When the girls refused to do so, he allegedly called one of them ‘ugly’ and spat in her face. Back in September 2011, the singer received plenty of criticism when he revealed that he puts pepper into his child’s mouth when he swears.

Photo Credits: Guardian